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Thinking about spending Christmas in Breckenridge? Better hurry.

Being in the middle of a global pandemic isn’t stopping a lot of optimistic travelers from making Christmas plans early and locking in the best possible rates.



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Yes, we’re in the middle of a pandemic.

But that’s not stopping folks from making plans for the Christmas season, which quite frankly, we all hope is far enough away for this all to pass over and for things to return back to some sense of “normal.”

That’s no exception for the Christmas cabin rental market in Breckenridge which is slowly but surely selling out fast as folks start to make their Holiday plans and spend some much needed family-time with those they haven’t been able to see during these quarantined times.

Cabins for December 2020 reservations are selling out quickly as noticed across several Breckenridge booking sites. Source:

Which leads to the main point here – if you have any plans to be in Breckenridge during the Holidays, now might just be the best time to book your stay.

Below we’ll explore some of the top questions you might have regarding this type of reservation, as well as explore some of the best sites for planning your stay.

So let’s dive in!

How much do cabins cost in Breckenridge at Christmas time?

  • Tier 1 – $250/night: a small apartment that sleeps 2-4 comfortably
  • Tier 2 – $500/night: a shared cabin (similar to a townhouse) that sleeps 6-8 comfortably
  • Tier 3 – $1,200/night: a private cabin all to yourself (and family) that sleeps up to 8-12 comfortably and usually comes with an outdoor whirlpool.

Not to mention there is even a higher tier that can run you up to $4,500/night (or $40,000-$50,000 for a 2 week stay) that sleeps 18-22 comfortably and earns you major points with the in-laws.

So what are the best sites for booking?

  • Airbnb (website) – when you want the peace-of-mind of a generous cancellation policy and best-in-class customer support.
  • Vacasa (website) – when you’re on a bit of a budget, but flexible in terms of accommodations, and want to get in early on some good deals.
  • Vrbo (website) – when your flexible and want to explore everything from the cheapest to most luxurious homes, all in one place.
  • Home Away (website) – direct from owner vacation rentals.
  • Luxury Retreats (website) – when money isn’t a problem and you want the absolute best.

And what are a few things to look out for when booking this early (in a pandemic)?

1. Cancellation Policy – first and foremost, call and ask about the cancelation policy (and ask for an email confirmation of the policy as well). Last thing you want to be stuck with is a booking that you can’t cancel for whatever unforeseeable reason in the future with COVID-19.

2. Confirm with your guests – you also probably don’t want to end up paying for a place that sleeps 18 when it just ends up being 2-4 of you. So be sure to confirm that all guests can make it and are willing to assume the risks equally with you.

3. Book your air travel and car as well – if things really open up in the next few months, the Holiday travel will be busier and crazier than ever. Which could mean limited transportation options in popular places like Breckenridge.

And what exactly is it like staying in one of these winter cabins?

And is it really worth it? Well, see for yourself:)

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Theme Parks

What Disney & Universal Florida Parks are Open Now?

Disney Springs & Universal’s City Walk are now open. But should we expect a lot more to open over the next few weeks, or is this a false start for Orlando theme parks?




Photo: Shutterstock

What we know as of today (5/22):

  • Disney Springs: is OPEN (as of Wednesday May 20th, 2020)
  • Universal’s City Walk: is OPEN (as of Friday May 15th, 2020)
  • Disneyworld Parks: CLOSED (likely after July 1st)
  • Universal Studios: CLOSED (have submitted plans with Mayor approval for June 4th 2020)
  • Seaworld: CLOSED (plans submitted for hopeful mid-June opening)

Below are some of the additional details that we’ve found throughout the web and following the social media accounts of the parks themselves, as well as searches on Twitter for the hashtag #disneysprings (which, btw, is a great way to find the latest news and updates from folks on-the-ground).

Universal City Walk Re-opening Details:

  • Partially reopen (many stores and amenities still closed)
  • Operating hours are: 4 p.m.-10 p.m. daily
  • Free parking (no valet) for now
  • Temperature checks in parking garage before entry – anyone with a temperature above 100.4 is not allowed to enter the park (including guests in party)
  • Various hand sanitizer points spread throughout the park
  • Everyone must wear a mask (park is offering masks for those that do not have)
  • Everyone must respect 6ft of social distancing (the entire park will have floor markings)

Disney Springs Re-opening Details:

  • Partially reopen (44 shops and restaurants open). More stores (including World of Disneyand restaurants to open on Wednesday May 27 (post Memorial Day) if all goes well.
  • Restaurants open – Planet Hollywood, Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza, Boathouse, 4 Rivers Cantina Barbacoa Food Truck, Chicken Guy, and Earl of Sandwich. Full list here.
  • Orange and Lime garages (free parking)
  • Temperature checks (but apparently there is a “cool-down” tent where people that are over 100.4 can sit and cool down before getting a second measurement (???)
  • Various hand sanitizer points spread throughout the park
  • Everyone 3 and older must wear a mask (park does not provide)
  • Everyone must respect 6ft of social distancing (the entire park will have floor markings)

Note of Caution: Parks will likely revert back to full closures

Things could change in an instant as Disney & Universal parks begin to weigh the pros/cons of growing crowds and if they are truly manageable – even with social distancing and mask precautions in place. And while parks like Disney are issuing blunt warnings to guests, the crowds will only continue to grow as people’s risk tolerance slowly stretches.

Eventually someone will break the rules, and the crowds will become so overbearing making it physically impossible to keep a 6ft separation. And that will be the true test of forward progress, or if a single event is enough to roll the whole thing back to a full closure.

Well, that’s it for now. I’m sure there will be more updates available soon, as well as the latest on whether or not things advance into more opening (we’ll find out next Wednesday!) or whether this small reopening test ends up setting us back a bit further to the parks full reopening for the summer.

One things for sure though, it sure is nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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