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Every Product Apple Has Released This Year (2020)

With just five months into 2020, and in the midst of a global pandemic, Apple has (rather quietly) already announced 6 new products.



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2020 has been quite the unusual year for practically every retailer in the world. Including the major tech companies that generally rely on loyal and eager consumers and large in-person press events to help fuel the excitement around their new products and services.

Apple is no exception. Perhaps the most hyped brand on the planet when it comes to new product announcements and in-store releases has also had to make major pivots in the way they manage product announcements and ongoing communication with loyal fans and consumers.

And while Apple continues to be the textbook example of how to communicate tech products, 2020 has been an unusual year for the tech giant with most product launches in 2020 falling far below the usual fanfare and rave.

So, if you’ve missed everything Apple has released so far this year, it’s not your fault. We’ll quickly get you up to speed below.

Apple Product Releases 2020 (January – May 2020)

1. 2020 Macbook Air / March 18th

Released on March 18th 2020, Apple updated the Macbook Air lineup with new keyboards and more powerful processors. Also, the base price dropped to $999. See Apple’s official announcement on the 2020 Macbook Air.

2. 2020 iPad Pro (11in/12.9in) / March 18th

Released on March 18th 2020, Apple also updated their iPad Pro line-up with all new cameras (similar to the iPhone 11 Pro) and LiDar scanners for improved AR. Apple also teased the upcoming launch of an all-new Magic Keyboard (later released in late April). See Apple’s official announcement on the 2020 iPad Pro.

3. 2020 iPad Pro Magic Keyboard / April 15th 

Originally revealed during the 2020 iPad Pro announcement in mid-March, Apple officially opened up purchasing of the new iPad Pro Magic Keyboard on April 15th (pre-order, shipping the following week). An incredibly unique and floating keyboard with trackpad (that apparently works on older 2018 iPad Pro models as well). See Apple’s official announcement of the 2020 iPad Pro Magic Keyboard.

4. 2020 iPhone SE (2nd Generation) / April 15th 

On April 15th 2020, Apple announced the all-new iPhone SE (2nd generation) iPhone. A slightly larger model than the previous iPhone SE, the new model packs an upgraded chip, camera system, and a shocking starting price of only $399. See Apple’s official announcement of the 2020 iPhone SE (2nd generation).

5. 2020 13″in Macbook Pro (X) / May 4th 

On May 4th 2020, Apple announced an upgraded 13″ Macbook Pro with new keyboard mechanics, upgraded processors, and larger upgrade features for memory and SSD storage. Also, the new MBP also features the separated ESC key similar to the 16″ model. Although not everyone was too excited about this announcement as many were expecting to see the official unveiling of a new 14″ model and more up-to-date display and processing power. Nonetheless, it appears Apple is waiting for 2021 for this announcement. See Apple’s official announcement of the 2020 Macbook Pro 13″.

6. 2020 Mac Mini

Probably the most under-the-radar and unimpressive release of the year so far (not even mentioning it in their newsroom), Apple also updated its Mac Mini lineup some time in mid-March with a single feature. 2x the storage for the same base price. So, there’s that.

Looking Ahead? 

Typical with Apple products, there are lots of leaks, speculations, and rumors of what’s to come during the rest of 2020, especially during the much anticipated 2020 WWDC (now online-only) and Fall event(s). iPhone 12 anyone?

And while no-one outside of Apple really knows for sure what’s to come, one things for sure – expect all announcements to be virtual and likely small upgrades until the in-person events and massive lines can form again in 2021.

That said, 2021 is likely to be a massive year for Apple products. So if you can wait, you might just want to.


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