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The Love/Hate Relationship Photographers are Having with the Upcoming Canon R5

With 45 megapixels, 8k RAW uncropped, 4k 120fps, auto-focus superpowers, and a starting price expected to be around $3,700 – this camera has a lot of hype to live up to.



Photo: Unsplash

What we know so far about the Canon R5 (updated: 5/21/20):

  • Price – the leaked $6,700 price was an error and has thankfully been debunked. We still don’t know exact pricing but there’s a lot of speculation it will be closer to $3,500-$3,700
  • Release date: US shipments likely to start July 2020
  • 45 megapixels
  • Retailers are already taking out landing pages for the product, likely to be updated with pre-ordering (which will be likely be the only way to land one of these in 2020). So be sure to sign-up for notifications across several sites and have your credit card on hand to strike fast
  • Expect to see a lot more in the months and years to come around Canon’s EOS R line
  • The Canon R5 comes with animal detection auto-focus and shoots 8K RAW (uncropped)
  • A new set of EOS R lenses to be announced later this year by Canon

Watch the full 2020 Canon virtual press conference below (the link will jump directly into the Canon R5 part, but you can always scroll it back to the beginning):

Key Features:


Canon R5 features as revealed during Canon’s 2020 virtual press conference (May 2020)

The Love/Hate Relationship

As more information becomes available on this much anticipated camera, there’s also a lot of new discoveries that photographers aren’t thrilled about like the need for faster and larger media cards (8k files are massive) and bumped up computer processing power (likely in the i9 processor with 36GB ram range) needed to handle the massive bandwidth 8k requires.

Long story short, whatever the camera ends up costing, you’ll need about 3X the budget for all the other things needed to get the most out of the camera and 8K footage.

Oh, and do you have an 8k TV? If not, the footage will likely just be downsample on a 4k TV or computer monitor to its max resolution anyways. So, you’ll likely need to make an investment there as well if you actually want to see what 8k really looks like.

Just sayin. 🤷‍♂️

For more information on the camera, check out Canon’s official R5 product page.

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