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One of the most popular Online MBA Courses is Now Only $12.99

Sure there are things that an MBA can give you that an online course can’t. But it’s hard to compete with 8hrs of core MBA lectures for the price of an entree.



Photo: Unsplash

Perhaps you’ve been thinking a lot about your academic future while in quarantine and the thought of getting an MBA popped into your head. Because, heck – why not?

But then again, perhaps the $50,000+ in tuition, books, and other expenses doesn’t sound too appealing. Not to mention the time off from work, and late late nights you’ll encounter.

For everyone else, one of the web’s most popular Online MBA courses (not technically an MBA but an equivalence in subject matter expertise over 8hrs of lectures) is available at Udemy now for only $12.99 (78% off) for an extremely limited time.

See it live here.


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